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302-365 301010 Happy to see you, little children
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Yeah, he has gingivitis, but are you really going to point that out?

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274-365 011010 Fearful Beaker
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The Georgia Burn, a celebration of fire and folly, music and madness, energy and stillness.

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Starrz Hookah Fire-21
Starrz Hookah Fire-05
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Demorest 4th 30
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181-365 300610 unattainable
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174-365 220610 contemplative cowgirl
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Taken at the Atlanta Photographers Guild shoot on 22Jun10

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I'm working on some long-exposure pictures, and cool parties where burners go give me some great opportunities.

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Games Night on Friday.... I need to figure out what to set up -- we keep getting big groups (single games are not easy) or small groups (medium sized games are too complex).

What are some simple games that are fun?
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Okay, in celebration of nothing in particular, we will be diverting our normal Games Night to Sushi Night! Yes, we will be playing such amazing games as "what is that", "are you sure that is fish", "how much sake comes in one of the big bottles", and "I can't believe I ate so much"!

We'll start at the standard place (Sapporo), but we are going to monkey a bit with the time (7:45pm). Why? Because it's a Friday, and they've gone under new management, so we don't know how good they are anymore. If they're busy we can wait a bit to get a good table, or we can go somewhere else. If you are going to come, let us know and we'll save you a seat! So, the procedure? Meet at our house by 7:30, or there at some point, and let's eat!

Sapporo is at 910 Marietta Hwy, Roswell GA 30075. They serve sushi/sashimi, soup, teppanyaki/hibachi, tempura, and I'm sure a few other things I don't remember.

Google Maps -- get directions from here!.

Will you join us? Comment and let me know!


Mar. 10th, 2010 09:32 am
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It's raining.

Nobody scheduled this with me, dammit.
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Panel on Cardboard Techniques
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You may not think we take cardboard seriously, but....

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Pics are up from Cardboard*Con 1! I was glad to be the Guest of Honor this year, and I promise we'll set up an autograph table for those that missed out when we get back together for CC2.

Here's the link for the few pics I took!

cardboardcon 009
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I'm going to CardBoard Con this year! I'm even going to be a guest! W00t!

My road

Feb. 13th, 2010 01:28 pm
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My road this morning before too many people tried to get out...

Alpine Trail


Jan. 21st, 2010 03:59 pm
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Times, they are a changing.

Off to walk backward into this good night. And, to buy spray paint, I think.
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Flickr mosaic meme

image mosaic

Image Credits:
1. Carte de visite of David Livingstone, 2. Valentine's Ribbon Candy, 3. Habersham Central HS, 4. Royal Blue Bracelet, 5. Monica Bellucci, 6. black velvet kitty, 7. Maui Destination - Haleakala Crater - Sunrise, 8. Key Lime Pie Sweet Shots, 9. Content With Nothing!, 10. Elfgirl Shoot 6, 11. The inexorable passing of time, 12. Night of the living Dwivian

Here are the questions (and my answers) used to create this mosaic:

What is your first name? David
What is your favorite food? Candy
What high school did you attend? Habersham Central High School
What is your favorite color? Royal Blue

Who is your celebrity crush? Don't really have one, but the last one I saw that caught my eye was Monica Bellucci
Favorite drink? Black Velvet
Dream vacation? Maui
Favorite dessert? Key Lime Pie

What do you want to be when you grow up? Content
What do you love most in life? Elfgirl
One word to describe you. inexorable
Your Live Journal name? dwivian


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