Jul. 5th, 2013 09:40 pm
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had a birthday... just read back and nobody here noticed. That's LJ vs FB for ya.


Jul. 1st, 2009 11:55 pm
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Had a reasonably nice birthday. Not so much in the presents side of the house, as in the dinner. [ profile] elfgirl used a rub from Jer's Rubs (available online!) that she mixed with the ground bison to make some kick-ass burgers. Happy mouths all around!

Keep being excellent, as your gift to me. I need to keep my role models on the cutting edge, after all!
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Happy Birthday, Perpetual Prince Charles! Too bad about your mom not abdicating, and all that...

And, speaking of moms.... [ profile] your_mother is celebrating her birthday today, too. Or, if not celebrating, beating it with a stick until it dies a horrible death and doesn't plague her anymore....

Happy day to you both!


Sep. 7th, 2008 11:03 am
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Some twerp turned 40 today. So what? She's a brat, and always taking my stuff. Earlier today she was sitting on MY SIDE, and nobody would do anything about it.

I'm not gonna wish her happy anything. If I had her cake, I'd smoosh it in her face.

But if you do anything to make her day unpleasant, I'll beat you to death. The rest of you -- go wish [ profile] football_swan a happy 40th, if you know what's good for you.
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Happy Joint Birthday to [ profile] elfgirl! Da elf and I joined our birthdays to mid-July since we have our natural days on the ends of the month up against problems. Mine, at the first, is close enough to Father's Day to mess up both days with excessive wanderings with the kids. Hers, on the 28th, is too close to the Firfey's birthday (First of August), and we really don't need that much cake all in 5 days.

Solution? We move ours to the 15th, and have a personal birthday celebration just for us two. Tonight is dinner out! Woo! (hey, we're married and have three kids, so that's a big deal!) And, the kidlets are out of the house for a few days, so we can finally play the playstation in peace! Or, whatever else comes to mind!
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I'd like to wish a happy birthday somewhere in 2008 to:

[ profile] _anya_, [ profile] adm_photo, [ profile] aggression, [profile] alice_bunnie, [ profile] alison_says, [ profile] alladinsane, [ profile] allessindra, [ profile] amazing_tito, [ profile] amenquohi, [ profile] ann_mcn, [ profile] anniesj, [ profile] anonymous_sibyl, [ profile] apsis, [ profile] ariedana, [ profile] avivasedai, [ profile] azbound, [ profile] bailunrui, [ profile] beavis_bob, [ profile] bheansidhe, [ profile] blackthornglade, [ profile] blaydtwo, [ profile] blissful_kaos, [ profile] blueinatl, [profile] blueingenue, [ profile] broken_halo13, [ profile] brute_force, [ profile] cake_or_die, [ profile] cambler, [ profile] captain_drew, [ profile] captnsparrow, [ profile] casketgirl, [ profile] cavalaxis, [ profile] cbking, [ profile] circe_tigana, [ profile] cloakofwinter, [ profile] covvie, [ profile] cqueue, [profile] cretak, [ profile] crimsonblossom, [ profile] d0minique, [profile] dalbino83, [ profile] dancer_kat, [ profile] dancetomato, [profile] dangerdyke, [ profile] darth_psyche, [ profile] david_itman, [ profile] dawneywawney, [ profile] deessedusoleil, [ profile] denisemp, [ profile] dettiot, [ profile] deza, [ profile] dgitman, [personal profile] digitaldevil, [ profile] dixiebelle, [ profile] dlobok, [profile] dovetail66, [ profile] dread_pirate, [ profile] dualgebraist, [ profile] dustyskinandall, [ profile] dv8dgrrl, [ profile] elfgirl, [ profile] entropic_om, [ profile] essene, [ profile] exipolar, [ profile] eyelid, [ profile] ezirith, [ profile] fan_eunice, [ profile] felislunae, [ profile] fionawolf, [ profile] flametodance, [profile] flutterbyfaerie, [ profile] foehelm, [ profile] football_swan, [ profile] fwod, [ profile] ga_sunshine, [ profile] gblake, [profile] geekissexy23, [ profile] gigglestheblood, [ profile] ginger_g, [ profile] gladstone, [ profile] glevryl, [ profile] goddessgrrrl, [ profile] gothiqroze, [ profile] grizzlydan, [ profile] gwinna, [ profile] gypsyariana, [ profile] happyworld, [ profile] harmonyfb, [ profile] hecatehatesthat, [ profile] hellical, [ profile] herbpixie, [ profile] honeybear26, [ profile] hopeevey, [ profile] hougirl79, [ profile] hugs, [ profile] humanmarvels, [ profile] iamivan, [ profile] illfayted, [ profile] irana, [personal profile] ishboo, [ profile] jediclampett, [ profile] jenallah, [personal profile] jenna_thorn, [ profile] jenniebreeden, [ profile] jet_li_wannabe, [ profile] jinwicked, [ profile] john666, [ profile] johnnykool, [ profile] jost, [ profile] jps, [ profile] jtalle01, [ profile] jtownse, [ profile] juniper200, [ profile] jyni77, [ profile] karmalingoist3, [ profile] katen, [ profile] katfireblade, [ profile] keiracaitlyn, [ profile] kf4vkp, [ profile] kiantewench, [ profile] kilted_aggie, [ profile] kindness_of, [ profile] king_james, [profile] lady_autumnstar, [ profile] lady_phoenixice, [profile] ladymerrydeath, [ profile] lasarigue, [ profile] lawnrrd, [profile] librarygal, [ profile] lindseygrant, [ profile] liquidmyst, [ profile] 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pixiepixie, [ profile] planettom, [ profile] rafaela, [ profile] raidingparty, [ profile] rainkatt, [profile] relevantpink, [ profile] reprobayt, [ profile] rikki5050, [profile] riven_euphony, [ profile] rochndil, [ profile] rubberella, [profile] sambear, [ profile] san_simeon_girl, [ profile] savage_rose, [ profile] segansca, [ profile] seriesfinale, [ profile] serpentrose, [ profile] shalie, [ profile] sharrainchains, [ profile] sheerluc, [ profile] shes_precious, [ profile] sibylla, [ profile] sicarii, [ profile] sir_alf, [ profile] sis_hankshaw, [ profile] slackmistress, [ profile] slipjig, [ profile] snowboom, [ profile] soraidh, [ profile] soundthepibroch, [profile] soundwave_girl, [ profile] spicada, [ profile] spiritchaser1, [ profile] ssmouse, [ profile] steeldreams, [ profile] stoney321, [ profile] stronae, [ profile] suddenlydizzy, [ profile] suetekh, [ profile] sumobabe, [ profile] sunriseata140, [ profile] supercub, [ profile] susie_psycho, [ profile] swmbo, [ profile] 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Without all of you, my life would be far less interesting. So, today, I recognize those that touch my life and make it fun to pass milestones involving cake. Hopefully the cake is not a lie.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] football_swan!
Happy birthday to [ profile] football_swan!
Your present's at my house...
And I forgot to mail it yesterday...
So I'm going to sing at you instead...
And send it later or deliver it...
And then eat your cake...
Or some cookies...
And a bowl of ice cream...
Happy birthday to YooOOOOOOooooUUUUUU!


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:07 am
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] cretak, who hopefully will see this as a bright message amidst the crap of the latest LJ scandals....



Jul. 28th, 2007 11:18 am
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Happy birthday, [ profile] elfgirl!

She's awesome, like a hundred billion hot dogs!
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Thanks to everyone for coming over yesterday to eat cheese! And, cheesecake, and other things, and to drink wine and take some away to your own houses...

One guest remarked that it wasn't often that I am obviously happy. And, that's a true statement. But, I like cooking, and giving to friends, and having people enjoying each others company, and kids running around, and.... well, I had lots of good things at once, and that seemed to do the trick.

If you missed out, you really missed an experience! Next time I reach this age, we'll do it again.

Those that went home with jars of Frommage Fort -- it's good for about a week or so, kept in the fridge. Make use of it quickly (let it warm up for crackers, sandwich spread, or melt it on veggies, etc). If you have any left this time next week, mix it with an equal portion of flour, and you have a dough that makes great cheese straws (preheat 350deg, 20 mins). You can even add paprika, dry mustard, or cayenne for flavor (1/2 tsp at most, or 1/4 tsp on average, for about 1/2 lb of dough).

It is at this point I should note that da elfwife didn't even get me a card.... She didn't get me one for our anniversary last year, either! HALMARK HAS FAILED ME! IS [ profile] elfgirl IMMUNE TO THEIR MIND RAYS?

Ahem. So, anyway.....

Happy marriage, [ profile] fwod and [ profile] geekissexy23! Don't forget to buy each other cards!


Jul. 1st, 2007 09:45 pm
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Happy birthday to [ profile] earendel! Welcome to a new year!

Sorry I missed your fun, yesterday, but I was dead tired... but, we had fun today, and I have spare cheese left over if you find yourself in the neighborhood....
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Okay.... so....

Some of you have heard the story, and I mentioned it in the past, here, as well.

I am going to hold a cheese party for my upcoming birthday. It's a big birthday (the 11th anniversary of my 29th), so I've saved up a little to make a good party of it. If you want to come, let me know, and consider bringing crackers, veggies or meats, wine, soda, or whatever might go well with the whole theme. Let me know here if you have any specific "oh hell no" cheeses, or something you've really wanted to try.

I will be providing cheese. I will buy one entire wheel, and wedges and bits of other kinds. I have a good budget for this. I also have some wine, but feel free to bring your favorite to share. Oh, and we'll have lots of honey, as well!

The date? My birthday! 01 July (Sunday). I think we'll start at 3:30pm. Do remember that this is a Sunday, so buy any wines a day early to avoid the sudden surprise of our blue laws.

I really want to see a lot of people show up! I'll try to do an evite or something similar, if you think it'll help. We'll have lots of fun things to enjoy! From flavored Neuchatel, through to mixing up frommage fort for people to take home with them when done.

Will you join us?


Jan. 14th, 2007 10:48 pm
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Happy birthday to [ profile] myb0y, who is far too nice to point out that I forgot to add his birthday to my 2007 calendar and instead required a nudge to send appropriate wishes....


Nov. 11th, 2005 09:18 am
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Hey, [ profile] madmexican! Stop shaving and eat cake!

[ profile] melonaise and I were talking about your birthday, yesterday, and I hope you take the time to enjoy it. I'd buy you a round, but today I'm headed up the parents, then to the UGA/Buzzard game, then back to the parents for my mother's birthday, so we'll have to find sometime next week to visit. Either way, one round, and dessert, are on me.


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