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First day of classes, tomorrow.
Syllabus, done.
First chapter, read.
Presentation, online.
Number of students, 11 so far.


So, why am I getting all oogy?


Aug. 21st, 2007 06:55 pm
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they didn't lynch me.

But, drop/add isn't over yet. We'll see how I do.

I did have one student talk to me about having failed last time, but that he seemed to be happier with how I was going about presenting. We'll see if I can make an impact on him.


Aug. 20th, 2007 06:19 pm
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panic panic panic panic panic
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It is so very weird to be in my second office.... I need pictures on my desk.
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I do my teaching demo today. No worries, but tons of worry. Arg. Fortunately, I'm somewhat slightly but not entirely prepared. Unfortunately, I'm at home watching the Firfey while her mother takes care of some critical responsibilities. Not a lot of time between her return and my departure to handle traffic headaches, either....



I need a beer, a nap, and a time machine.
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Well, it's been formalized. I'm teaching Data Structures for the CS department this fall. I have 35 students so far. Just the one class, as it has a lab (4/5 credit hours) so I'll be sitting in the room with them going over how to code object oriented examples for a part of the time. Joy!

I might type up a few so they can copy-and-paste, then work from there. In the course stream, it is possible to enter this class with an expectation of programming skill, but no formal requirement. Not always a good thing.

Now, how to schedule a 'out-of-school' day for the Thursday before D*C....
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I am in a training class at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, and it is weird because I see no klingons or 501st members. This place feels oddly empty.

I am counting down days, now. And I need to get my costumes measured and made....

Whee! The speaker just changed!


Jan. 8th, 2007 12:10 am
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I'm officially out of sorts.... Drop-Add starts tomorrow, and I've not registered for ANYTHING!!!! Whatever will I do????

Oh, wait... I finished my degree.....

....so, does that mean I have to stop taking classes?

Thank you!

Dec. 18th, 2006 08:56 am
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I was going to thank you all personally for your kind words these last three weeks (through the failure, the rewrite, the last minute edits, the stress of dressing for a ceremony without knowing if it was going to go off okay, and finally graduating with a few edits left to complete). Really, I was.

But, damn, people! There are too many of you! It really felt good to see my comments counts as I bounced off the walls after I got home, through to even this morning! You guys are very good to me!

To you, Time's people of the year, I say "Thank you!"

I'd remind you of my Amazon wish list (what with graduation gifts being appropriate, and it's Yule and Christmas and Hannukah and all) but I've not really updated it in a while. So, go hug someone you love and tell them how great THEY are, and I'll consider that as good a gift as I'd ever need.

Of course, if you think that's not enough, I'm not opposed to updating my wish list... just say the word.... ::heh::
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So... my green folder has a real paper in it, and not a placeholder. I got told no less than five times that they hand-carried my diploma down to the ceremony and certified it was in the right place. Everyone was so worried.....

I still need to do final edits, and print stuff for binding on Monday or Tuesday. Even so..... it's done.

We entered to the standard music, and recessed to Star Wars, the Throne Room ceremonial music at the end of A New Hope. Hee!

Dwivian, Master of Science.

Eh.... I still like Overlord of the World.
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Draft #10..... requires no substantive changes. Committee has passed, and my grade has been posted.

::falls over, is ded::


Dec. 14th, 2006 11:10 am
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28,303; 130.

Draft #9.

I expect to be on Draft #10 by the end of lunch. Just to provoke the fates I have purchased two reams of acid free paper, and I have put a Lego AT-AT and a octahedron made of magnets on it as guardians of my hopes. I may be sticking some Iron Buddha oolong tea on it in a minute. I even have a chicken, if the Word2003 voodoo needs a swift kick.

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The ubiquitous aspect of data, and the need to manage it, has created a demand for designers and engineers capable of understanding the underlying architecture of information and systems of presentation. Instructors and cognitive scientists have worked to develop a curriculum that not only trains new administrators, but also instructs them in problem solving skills that can be used in this field and others (Doran). When teaching elementary database theory the instructor may make use of analogies to physical structures like files, records, forms, and fields, and visual elements like the Entity-Relationship diagram to show how attribute objects in the database exist in relation to each other (Guimaraes). Representing these concrete physical structures with a formal system of symbols and grammar helps provide an isomorphic connection between the real world and the introductory information storage architecture, and serves as an aid to cognition (Swain). A principal challenge for the advanced database curriculum, however, is that it is almost entirely designed around abstract concepts.

[Doran] Doran, M. V. and Langan, D. D. 1995. A cognitive-based approach to introductory computer science courses: lesson learned. In Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (Nashville, Tennessee, United States, March 02 - 04, 1995). C. M. White, J. E. Miller, and J. Gersting, Eds. SIGCSE '95. ACM Press, New York, NY, 218-222.

[Guimaraes] Guimaraes, M. A. 1999. Experience teaching an introduction to DBMS. In Working Group Reports From ITiCSE on innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (Cracow, Poland, June 27 - 30, 1999). ITiCSE-WGR '99. ACM Press, New York, NY, 48-49.

[Swain] Swain, D. E. 1994. Integrating cognitive levels into the interface. In Proceedings of the 1994 Conference of the Centre For Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research (Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 31 - November 03, 1994). J. Botsford, A. Gawman, M. Gentleman, E. Kidd, K. Lyons, J. Slonim, and H. Johnson, Eds. IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Conference. IBM Press, 64.
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27,682; 127 pages.

Er..... yeah. I hope this isn't as crap as fast writing can be.... Gotta get it to appropriate viewers, and my lovely copy-editor who loves me very much and won't kill me when I give it to her to read....
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19772, 82.

I feel like Stephen King.....
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12,017; 52.

Still waiting on updates from the professors, though.... hard to go forward without them.....


Dec. 9th, 2006 07:15 am
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Can't sleep! Thesis will eat me!
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So, I'm feeling really sick today..... been up and down all night, and haven't gone to bed because I want da elf to get some undisturbed sleep. I've got SO much time to be dealing with this....

sent off my thesis intro to my committee so they can decide what to change, if anything.

Am being defeated by the thought of writing tomorrow/today. Whee.

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7141, 35.

And, time to see how much of my old writing I can keep..... I'm vibrating, it would appear. Do not stare directly into the dwiv, or you'll hurt your eyes.
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4373, 19.


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