May. 17th, 2009 03:48 pm
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Last night's dreams.... death by being hit by a bus when I shoved my kids out of the path of an exuberant MARTA driver, death by drowning, and comic foil to Rowan Atkinson in a musical production in Prague (I think this was just a different kind of death...) I got almost no rest during my sleep, as a result.

Life is weird.


Jul. 27th, 2007 07:32 am
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Had a weird dream last night... was sleeping in a bed that was seperated from the bathroom by a heavy curtain. I pulled back the curtain, and in the claw-foot tub was a small deer, trying to get out the WINDOW much like you see lizards pressed up against glass, looking for a crack to squeeze out. I threw a blanket on the deer and took it downstairs so we could let it out into the back yard, but there was a black bear there trying to get INTO the house. So, instead, we got in the car and drove one house down (about 70 feet) to our neighbor's driveway, and let it out there.


I'm kinda surprised that I didn't have dreams about being out on a boat, honestly, but weird is as weird does.


Jun. 14th, 2006 11:42 am
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Last night, I was riding the shuttle from the previous place to the airport. I was sitting behind a couple. The woman was frantically trying to convince her boyfriend/SO/idiot that he was taking a very bad course of action. He was trying to explain that some things can only be accomplished by extreme measures. They were speaking Israeli Hebrew. I, of course, am fluent in Israeli Hebrew while in my dreams, so I looked startled at one point. The man looked back and asked me if I "understood Israeli." I said I did, and that I was worried about him. He unbuttoned the top of his shirt, and I could see the straps for the bomb. I asked if he was committed to this course of action. He said he was, and got off at the first airport stop. She moved to the front of the bus, but remained with us.

I could have raised a warning, called a guard, gotten people to safety. But instead I sat back down and watched over my shoulder.

A bit later I heard a "whump", and I could see the mushroom cloud from a significant burst rising over the concourses. There was no boom, no flying debris yet. Just a "whump", and the light.

My thought? "I'm going to be late, now."

After that, my dreams repeated the story, slightly differently, but I always knew ahead of time what the outcome would be, in some strange deja-vu game.
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Nightmares. Interesting ones....

1. At a show, a hypnotist does the audience participation games, and notices da elfwife going out in her chair, so he brings her up on stage with the rest. He does the usual chicken tricks, then does a suggestion that people fall in love with each other. Da elf does, gets all shy and weird on stage like she does in real life, and goes and sits down. This means the hypnotist never undoes her suggestion, leading to a nasty fight, some really cutting and harsh words from her, etc. We got things fixed later, but you can't take back words....

2. I 'wake up' and discover that all my children were just a dream (thanks a lot, Dallas, for leaving THAT stupid plot device in my brain) and that da elf was a roommate. My girlfriend was someone else entirely that I don't know, but who was really into the princess white furniture and lace scene. I worked as a consultant, late, because I hated going home. Apparently she had a penchant for cheating, and I just didn't want to confront it so I had a habit of working as late as I could. I knew that I was supposed to be married and have kids, but I couldn't make it make sense in this reality.

3. Da elf and I were driving somewhere. She was the driver, and it was a rental car. Something ran out in the road (dark, wet, trees on both sides) and da elf slammed on the brakes hard enough to engage the seat restraint locks. We got hit from behind by a pulpwood truck, and one trunk slid through the back window, into my head, and knocked it into the floor. I didn't feel any pain, but I was able to look up at my body, and over at da elf who stared at me in shock and confusion (same expressions I think I was making) until the world fogged away.

4. I got kidnapped by a group of kids (gang colors, blue checked/plaid, so it wasn't the Crips unless they have a scottish division), tied/trussed up, stuffed into a whiskey barrel, the barrel was nailed shut, then it was rolled down a hill into a river. I think I was supposed to be rescued or at least seen, but I was face down in the barrel as water leaked in. So, I was in the dark, drowning, in a confined space. Whee.

5. Someone broke into my house and killed the kids, maimed the wife, and left blood everywhere. Da elf described them, and told me they were still there. I got my gun and work-sword (one I have described many times in dreams, but don't actually own) and went down to the basement where they had one of the kids up on my half-cage weight bench as they pulled out her insides while she watched. I shot two of them, but they just turned and glared at me. It was obvious that they were either on heavy drugs, or not quite alive anymore. I had to hack them apart to make them stop hurting her. Then the police arrived, found me covered in blood and holding a sword, and shot me.

6. I was in the hospital dying from some weird disease that made my skin turn leathery brown, thick, and cracked. I looked a lot like the surface of a pond that's mostly dried up. I couldn't stop bleeding, and people began to look like insects during my hallucinations. They only way to fix me was to resequence my DNA in a big closed-in machine, but da elf wanted it done over my objections and they tried to make me back into a normal human, but something bad happened and I ended up with someone else's genes, and looked like them instead (an older guy with an Eastern European accent). They couldn't send me through again as my genes were completely gone. The new genes carried a known defect (that's what the last patient was there to fix), and I'd die inside a year.

There were others, but I can't remember them. The blood one was the last one of the night. Joy.


Jun. 30th, 2005 09:53 am
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Did you ever have the dream where you were launching burning live monkeys across a chasm with a trebuchet so that they could deliver charred but otherwise readable messages on paper airplanes through a very small window before falling down into a pile that you could smell up on the battlements?

Or, is that just me.....


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