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The AMAZING Firfey plays her recital piece and only hits the microphone twice with her bow. Which is better than I could do, a I'd be using the bow to hit some other kid with before getting yelled at by the orchestra instructor....
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Da firfey is doing a thanksgiving presentation with her class today for her school, and tomorrow morning for parents. We have been asked to dress her in a dark pants and a white shirt.

For the holidays this year, I am thankful they didn't ask me to dress her like a turkey.

It's the little things....

(oh, and she lost a tooth last night. Dunno if the fairy was available, but I did put out traps to see if I could catch her and shake her down....)
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Not going to get out tonight.

Our sitter's boyfriend is in the ICU with a heart-rate above 200. Looks like they're going to give him something like angioplasty, but they're going to figure out which nerves are misfiring and intentionally kill off part of his heart to have those nerves stop causing problems. Just.... wild. This boy is 17, and he's had quite a scare of it.

Yes, my sitter is also my step-daughter. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated for her boy.
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Da boy informed me yesterday that there would be a new road soon. It would be green and silver, and go in the sky, but only for a day. Tomorrow. A blue one with silver will be next month.

I asked where this road goes, and he told me it goes to small island where all the other roads go, but is a wonderful place where his OTHER mother lives. She's the one that gives him honey snowcones to eat, with bread.

I was also informed that if I got on this road I'd die, and he'd rather me not do that. I told him I would prefer him to stay home, too, and we could have different snowcones. He said he'd like that.

He also said he was seventeen, because all boys are.
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Da firfey lost her first tooth yesterday....

...when her brother knocked it down her throat after a disagreement.




So, the tooth fairy would have considered a visit, but we found out later that the disagreement was over the method of destroying the downstairs playarea, so we're not so sure now. The fairy may need to give money to the parents to use on getting strapping tape off all the exercise equipment. At least now I can be sure the weights won't fall off the bar, but still....

Oh, and da elfwife's new computer seems to be smoking fast. Dammit. That means she'll never come out of her office! A nice thing about the laptop is that it meant she could actually sit with the family, instead of hide away and make SimSnape do weird things to SimHarry. Now... well, now I'm having second thoughts about getting the upgrades. Ah, well.

So, what'd you do this weekend?


Jul. 4th, 2005 08:11 pm
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Big storms coming, so we went ahead and did our sparklers for the day. Da boy ran inside because there was FIIIIIIIIRE! FIIIIIRE! FIIIIIIIIRE! being employed to make the sparklers burn and the snakes grow. T-minus-90 minutes and dampening.....


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