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Trader Joe's carnita meat (barbeque pork, seasoned with lime juice), mixed with Williamson Bros. BBQ sauce, served with toast. Da elf made cheap-and-easy pulled pork tonight.

I have a headache from the weather shift, but this helped a lot.

Share and enjoy!
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Following a recipe posted by [livejournal.com profile] harmonyfb, I made bread today.

No kneading.


3 cups warm (100-110F) water.
1.5 (rounded to 2) packets of active dry yeast.
1.5 (more or less) tablespoons of salt.

Mix, allow yeast to start blooming.

Add directly to the water

6 cups unbleached bread flour

Mix (by hand, preferably) until you get a wet dough. Do not knead. If the dough is dry, add more warm water 1/4c at a time until it seems to be shiny. Leave in the bowl, and cover to rise. If your home is cool, leave on the counter. Wait 30-60 mins until the dough is doubled in size.

Turn out on to a floured board, cut into quarters, and tuck the edges in to make round boules. Cover again, allow to sit for 30 mins, then dust the tops in flour, and slash in an X.

Preheat oven to 450 deg, and put one or more loaves in (rotate as required for even heating in your oven) for 30 mins total. For proofing, put a metal container in the bottom of the stove with 1-2 cups of water.

Remove, cut, eat, enjoy.

No kneading. Really!
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After a recommendation a while ago, I began looking for Häagen-Dazs Reserve Series ice creams. The specific one was Hawaiian Lehua Honey & Sweet Cream. And, yes, it's good.


I think I really prefer Fleur de Sel Caramel, which has bursts of salt and a crunchy toffee caramel sweetness at the same time.

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Seasoned Lamb Tips with a reduced apple-cider gravy
Jasmine rice
Roasted Corn Niblets



Mar. 7th, 2008 08:50 pm
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So, which would you prefer....

Absinthe lollipop, or Maple-Bacon lollipop?

Both available from Lollyphile.
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What's a guy gotta do to get a full irish breakfast around here?

Obviously I'm craving something, but what? Black pudding? Rashers?

Wish I knew.
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So, you liked my cooking for our post-holiday party? Let me help you make similar food!

Ground Bacon BarBurgers )
Shiraz Tortellini )
Sweet Potato Pot Stickers )
Peppermint Divinity )
Panettone Toast Points )

Now I'll have to come up with new treats for the next party... Hm.....
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I don't remember who posted it, but a few days or so ago one of my friends ([livejournal.com profile] anonymous_sibyl) posted a crockpot recipe that was chosen to be our Christmas Breakfast. Nummy, and well received!

Get out a crockpot. Put on one of the new crockpot liners (you'll thank yourself later, really). Set it up, and then...

Get a bag of hash brown potatoes. I don't know the brand, but it weighs about a pound or so, and it's raw potato slivers. Alternatively, get potatoes and run them through a grater and get about a pound. Or, more accurately, put them in the pot up to about 2 inches depth.

Next, toss some grated cheese (a good melting blend) in a bowl with a teaspoon of salt (kosher, or pickling, is best here). You can also add white pepper (1 teaspoon). Add to that your favorite cooked breakfast meat. We got a family pack of precooked bacon and cut it into small bits. Toss well, then pour over the potatoes.

Take one dozen (yes, 12!) eggs, and put them into a bowl or blender. Add a teaspoon (more, yes) of salt, a teaspoon of pepper (if not done before), and a teaspoon of ground mustard (Coleman's, if you like english mustard). Add other seasonings if that's the way you do your eggs. As well, add water, milk, or cream, as you would for scrambled eggs you like, and blend. Pour this over the top of the assembled food. It'll run through, but that's okay. You'll see it later after it cooks.

Turn on crock, high for 3-4 hours, low for 5-7 hours.

You've basically made a fritatta, without the oven. And, it's incredibly nummy! Watch the cooking times, as you can dry it out easily. If it's starting to brown on the edges, get out a skewer and test the center for doneness. Better safe than sorry! Or, equally, check the middle to be sure it's at least 138F (140F and 2 hours, or 180F and 5 minutes, means nasties are dead. But, 180F for eggs means tangled dry proteins, which suck. Lower temp is better, by far).

So, thanks again to the friend that posted this (it was a finals week breakfast recipe then), as it will go in our regular repertoire for holidays and "screw it, I don't wanna cook" days.
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Toasted panettone, brushed in butter, and tea.

Lunch? Breakfast? Who cares.

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Tonight, since I'm not cooking tomorrow, we had a nice dinner consisting of corn nibblets in a butter sauce and mashed potatoes as companion dishes to lamb chops brined for two days in cranberry juice, served with fresh cranberry sauce (note to self, a smidge less pickling salt in the brine).

Seemed to go over well.

I'm taking the extra cranberry sauce to the family dinner tomorrow, along with my signature candy, and chicken flavored orzo with gorgonzola butter.
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Da elf cooked a nice Indian Fare packet from Trader Joe's for dinner. It's called Pav Bhaji, which is the Hindi phrase meaning "your sinuses -- give them to me."

I can see through time, space, and some of the curled up dimensions approaching the quantum horizon.

It's 300g, so we started with 100g servings (2/3 the suggested size) and enough rice to finance global terrorism via the chinese mafia. And, it still wasn't enough.... my face is numb.

Good stuff.


Jul. 7th, 2007 10:07 am
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I have a big bowl of irish oat porridge with a dollop of devon cream on it. Da elf is good to me!

Not exactly low carb, but I'm going to exercise after I'm done eating. I think.
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Okay... so, a bit more wine, some new beers, and it has been suggested that I need a cake, it being my birthday and all... and, since this is a cheese party, it should be a cheese cake.

So, we'll pick one up tomorrow. I'm not going to put any flavors on it, so if you want any, we'll have honey, cherry syrup, etc, to add just a bit of niceness...

I'm also planning on making a shiraz reduction sauce for ravioli, if we get to dinner and people are still hanging out and having a good time.
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Remember, Google maps or mapquest can find our house at 2596 Alpine Trail, 30062. We start at 3pm, but you can show up at many times after that until about 10:00 or so, after which time we'll probably be starting to wrap up so people can make it to work on Monday.

Additional foods?

HONEY! Lots of it! Blueberry, Orange Blossom, Hawaiian White, Clover, Tupelo, Wildflower, and others depending on time and potential....

So..... let's see who reads this and wants to show up.....
[Poll #1013091]
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Cheese Party Details!

Sunday, 01 July, 3:00pm to start!

To eat --

Crackers, breads, apples, and veggies, to go with:
Drunken Goat
Fromage de Meaux
Aged Mahon
Cave Aged Gruyere
Fontina val D'aosta
C B Stilton
Isle of Mull
Asiago Fresco
Asiago Vecchio
Parmigiano Reggiano
Cave Aged Emmenthaler
Red Dragon Mustard Ale Cheddar
15 Month Comte
Flavored Neuchatel
Baked Brie
Kerrygold Vintage Cheddar
(so far... maybe more, we'll see)

To drink:
Coke products
K Cider
French Rabbit Pinot Noir 2005
3 Blind Moose Pino Grigio 2005
Pazo Serantellos Albari~no 2005
Jacob's Creek Grenache Shiraz 2005
Justin Syrah 2002
Terra Australis Cabernt Sauvignon Shiraz 2003
Monterra Merlot 1997
Evolution E 11th Edition
House Wine White 2006
V Sattui Madeira No. 31869
V Sattui Madeira Reserve Stock (limited edition)
Creekstone Merlot 1994
Chateau Elan Belly Washers (in several horrific flavors)
Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka
Finlandia Cranberry Vodka
Skyy Vanilla Vodka
Boru Vodka
Boulard Calvados Pays d'Auge
Bacardi Gold
Raynal VSOP Brandy
Tequila Reserva 1800 Silver
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Glenlivet Whiskey
Jameson Whiskey
Powers Whiskey
Baileys Creme
Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
Grand Marnier
Mixers of a few types

You are not required to bring me anything, but I won't say no. Keep it thematic, if you can, though! You'll depart with a gift of your own, if I can get everything together in a reasonable sense.....

So.... final count... if you think you can be here for ANY of the time (I'll keep the door open until 11:00pm or so), let me know here. Else, I'll be eating a lot of cheese in the basement while I ride my exercise bike.
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Cheese Party particulars....

Starting Sunday, 01 July, at 3:00pm.

Ending... well, eventually, I suppose.

Drinks of some sort.

Please come and enjoy! You can even take some cheese home with you!
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Cheese party in one week!

Will you be joining us? Lots of cheeses! Tell me if there is anything you like, or abhor!



Jun. 23rd, 2007 12:17 am
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Bob Evans, sausage king, dead at 89.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson... "MMmmmm.... hog fat...."

His legacy will live on. Even if his customers might not....


Jun. 16th, 2007 10:29 pm
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I decided to make Inari, and got some fried tofu, planned to make sushi rice, and had a goal.

While I was at Harry's, I talked to the fishmonger about sushi-grade tuna, and they told me that they got in fresh fish daily and only a few were ever sushi grade. But, the end cuts of the main muscle mass were perfect. Alas, they didn't have any. And, at $30 a pound....

While we were talking, a cutter got out a large slab of tuna to replentish their tuna steak section. He miscut the last steak, leaving trailing bits. Those good sushi bits. They weren't cut well, but weren't cut into a steak.

The fishmonger offered to sell them to me, and since that was what I needed to make tuna nigiri (maguro), I agreed.

Half a pound of soft nice tuna. Oh, sure, I'd have to work to cut it into pretty pieces, but it was still a half pound of premium tuna!

Marked as "Fish Chunks". For $2 a pound.

Yeah, I made 16 pieces of tuna nigiri, plus 5 pieces of sashimi, for $1. For $4 worth of inarizushi no mono, I made another 12 pieces of inari.

So, for $8 total, I had 28 pieces of sushi. Da elf and I ate a bit, and the left over bits are packed in a bento for later.
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So.... root canal, followed by core prep, followed by rebuild and bridge prep, followed by a raping of my wallet.


And, no "firm" food for two weeks.

So, da elf and I went out for sushi tonight! Our old place, Sapporo, has hired a chef on par with our last one, and FINALLY we start to see good food and style. He's a fan of nigiri and sashimi, and won't buy any frozen fish, nor serve anything that isn't on the bleeding edge of fresh. And, it shows..... wow.

We'll be resuming sushi nights there shortly. We've normally done Thursday, but he does his big fish run on Friday, and will pick up Uni and other nice things if there is an interest. Will you start joining us?


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