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Went to doc yesterday. Was asked to come back today to do tests. Got drawn, quartered, chunked, and smothered. Have a course of medicine to try to knock down the pain, and a plan for other investigations if that doesn't work. First round was injected, and the rest is pill form. Lovely.

The initial discussion was on what size drill bit to use on my skull. No, really -- there was a consideration on a biopsy on the 'structure' in the back of my brain that people said wasn't a worry six years ago. If the meds don't work, I get to have my head opened so someone can jab crap in there. Cause THAT'LL help...

But, they decided this was a 'cyclic migraine with recurring trigger', and I need to keep a record of what I'm eating and drinking, what environmental chemicals I experience (like acetones), my sleep schedule, and so on. So.... If the meds work, I'm going to not do that, because I'm lazy. If they don't, I'll start it up and worry about how many bits they'll break trying to make it through the neutronium skull plating I have.

The worry is based on a relative that died from brain cancer. That makes them want to rule out any weird stuff causing the pain. And, I don't blame them. But, hearing people talk about cutting my skull has put me in a bit of a mood.

Meds -- mondo pain killer, and a muscle relaxer. Should make games night quite the event.
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In an effort to explain the earlier picture, I would tell you the story I've been using so far (that [livejournal.com profile] elfgirl is a mean drunk and slugged me, the abused spouse!) but she's started threatening to hit me when she's sober, too, so I'm going to try a different path....

Da elf and I were playing around, and she went to bop me on the head, but underestimated her swing strength. At the same time, I moved my head, causing her to strike me rather hard on my occular bone. This resulted in a big pressure spike in my left eye. The eye pad is because I got treated today and the doc wanted me to not use the eye for a while. As well, if you look closely you can see that my eyes (yes, both, in fact) are dialated so the doc could look inside and blind me repeatedly with that damned camera of his.


Apparently a pressure spike like that bursts blood vessels in the retina, which explains a temporary outage of my vision in that eye. It gets better over time, but is visible as a 'bleaching' of the retina. I have that, a little, in one quadrant of my eye. This is our best guess of what happened.

I also have a cataract on the back of the lens, in the center, with "featherings" down into the lower left, impacting that same quadrant. It is of a type that COULD (but may NOT be) a traumatic cataract, which is caused by the kind of impact I had. However, they tend not to be so quickly expressed, making this a "huh" kind of answer. Still, it's an option. So, now we have two possible causes of the vision issue.

Tomorrow, sometime during the day, I'll call the doc on his cell and tell him how my eyes are. If they're still an issue, I get to go get some kind of surgery. If not, I get a visit on Monday as a followup to see that it was just the retina thing.

That's it.

I like my first story better. I can say that because da elfwife is upstairs and can't hit me from there.
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I need to stab my brain with a q-tip.
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Yay! I'm old.

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I am Dwiv of Borg.


Jul. 9th, 2007 09:27 pm
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And now, a migraine....
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Cracked a tooth, I thought. Went it to have it checked (as I had a standard cleaning scheduled).

Cracked the side of a crown clean off. It broke enough that the area is damaged and I need to have it rebuilt. The tooth behind this was the extraction I was going to get an implant to fix, and loss of integrity in the area means an implant probably wouldn't be the best thing. Well, not without doing a LOT more work first.

Then, I get told I have a desperate need for a root canal on the tooth behind the extraction hole, which completely rules out the implant. Great. So, scheduled the root canal, and aborted any plans for a simple implant. Bridge, it seems, is the best way to go for now.

More good news.... My very first crown (same spot but on the other side of my jaw from the extraction) has damage down to the jaw. I'm expecting the tooth to break free "soon", says the dentist.

Today, for the first time, I notice it wiggles a lot. Just... great. Without that tooth, I have no molar chewing surface. So, I have escalated getting a bridge on the OTHER side, so I can have THAT side removed, so I can get a bridge THERE next year.

$8000 in dental work, total.

It occurred to me, too, that twenty years ago my max dental coverage was $1500. This year, it's $1500. Why isn't dental insurance increasing with inflation? A quick test with the CPI calculator shows me that just keeping up with cost of living adjustments would put my insurance at $2600.... And, dental costs haven't gone up the same percentage, but by larger amounts because of the demand for malpractice insurance and the rejection of mercury amalgam as a surface material.

But, I shouldn't complain too much -- there are far too many people without ANY insurance.

Hey.... if I get the extraction done first, and can't eat as well, could I use this as a weight-loss plan? I could bite down on preschool pencils without leaving bite marks! I could thread across my jaw with a knitting needle! Well, maybe not, but there has to be some kind of positive here I'm missing....


Jan. 16th, 2007 02:26 pm
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home, medicated, and can't get da elf to let me make soup. She's being a real pain about it.

She made me sit down and has tried to bundle me up so I can't get out of her sight. Dunno what's up with her, but it's like she's being a mother hen at me.

What I really want is carnitas and margharitas, but apparently I'm not allowed. I suggested getting the fry at The Harp, but she doesn't think I can chew anything on the plate. Bleah.

Doc says sushi saturday is still a go, though. Now, back to sticking tampons in my mouth.
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Between docs right now --- have fractured the root on this tooth, and have an abcess significant enough to be redirected to an oral surgeon, who is going to have to knock me out to deal with the mess. Looks like an extraction is gonna happen. Joy. Da elf has aborted work and is going to drive me, because she likes seeing me loopy I guess.

Sushi Saturday is still on. If I have to gum Charlie the Tuna to death, I will.


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