Mar. 20th, 2009 06:49 am
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Happy Spring!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Time for tacos!

Hey.... lettuce is green! Might you come join us at Tijuana Joes at 690 Johnson Ferry Road? Let me know!
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A few years ago da elfwife and I tried to get into a pub for St. Pat's, only to be told there would be a $15 cover, limited service, and Standing Room Only. And, that was *IF* we got through the line!

So, we went out to our regular mexican food place instead.

Now, we celebrate St. Pat's with burritos, and Cinco de Mayo with bangers and mash. Or, whatever else on the menu looks good.

Tuesday, at 7:00pm, we'll be going to Tijuana Joes at Lower Roswell and Johnson Ferry in East Cobb. If you want to join us, let me know so I can give the servers a bit of a warning.

Hope to see you there!
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Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season.

Don't let anyone lead you astray -- 22 degrees is not just for tropics anymore!
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Elf is older today! Sing to her! Happy Birthday, dear!
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Happy Father's Day to you dad types out there. Not only to my own (who reads this, as I understand), but to anyone that has to deal with things like "get off of that before you break it" followed by "great, you broke it."

That was me, today, as the boy climbed on an exhibit at the local Natural History Museum and pulled it over. Snapped the thing in half. Good thing nobody wants to know any details about emperor penguins today.

I got breakfast in bed, which was not too bad, except that I don't, as a rule, eat before Sunday Mass. I broke the rule because nobody has done this for me before, and it was kinda cool. Not only neat, but in temperature, too. I may need to work with them on their cooking skills. Cold bacon isn't bad, but french toast with a frozen center wakes you up in all the wrong ways (especially without syrup). And, they couldn't figure out how to make my morning tea, so they brought me a can of coke.

I've been told we should go out for dinner tonight, and that I should pay for it. Sounds like Father's Day when I was growing up, too. I'm not sure, yet, if I want to get out or just fall over wherever I'm standing when I run out of energy, though. Now that I'm home, I'm here for the duration, I suspect. Sunday afternoons seem to bring out the lethargy in me.
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Today was, apparently, National Cleavage Day. How did you celebrate?
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Home from the holiday with family. Doubt anyone took my picture, but I was gorgeous. Had a grand meal, enjoyed some visiting time, had a dog sit on my head, wrenched my arm badly (I can feel the nodules of muscle damage in my arm), listened to a bit of Paul and Storm on my iPod, cracked an egg on my youngest daughter's head, discovered that Fry's and MicroCenter aren't open on Easter, missed a convention, missed convention attendees I wanted to see, plotted a vacation with da elf, and had a nice sandwich for supper.

Not bad.

Happy Easter! Christos Anesti!


Jan. 5th, 2008 07:36 pm
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Merry 12th of Christmas! I got CANDY! WOOOOOOO!!!

(da elf stockpiles my favorites all year, so I now have valentines candy, easter candy, etc....)

I also have two nice sets of chopsticks that we'll have to clean and have ready for Friday.... SUSHI.... oh, that'd be nice....

Gotta wait.... fish later....


Jan. 1st, 2008 12:14 am
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Da elf wanted me to remind you -- this is yet another year in the decade you can wear as glasses. I suppose you could wear 2010, too, but only if you want people to notice how big your nose is....
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I haz kisses nao!


Dec. 31st, 2007 10:51 pm
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Okay.... since all the cool people are doing it...

My New Year's Resolution.... hm....

I'm going to stick with 1024x768, in order to support legacy systems and provide a solid font size for those with vision issues. No point in requiring wide-screen just yet.

Oh, and I'll start posting bits from "The Book of Dwiv" soon, too. Various bits in various filters, some unfiltered, so if you don't see it all it's because you opted to not know (which is the most sane thing to do, honestly).

There. I can haz kisses nao, plz?
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sixth night of Christmas.... nice toy night, and da elf is in the basement playing GH3. Oh, yeah, and that other thing... New Years.... have a happy!
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May you dodge the Krampus tonight!
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Happy day of turkey, and 7000 calorie meals.

I have eaten well, and the signature candies were enjoyed. Others liked the cranberry sauce and cheezy orzo, and I got to sample their turkey, dressing, and an oreo pie that was nice. Family is...well, they're family. Lots of good, weird, and confusing. Normal, right?

I already haz cheezeburger. Do not want more.

Going to go to a movie tonight. Enchanted, I think. Woo. Elf is asleep on the edge of a bed. Hopefully she'll wake up soon.
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Happy Pi Day! Hope yours involved radians of fruity goodness!
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I've been outdone for archival and photojournalism by [ profile] elfgirl in her record of the holiday, which you can find here. It was a theme for her, which is always fun to work on!

I have been fortunate to get registered for woodworking lessons (finally!). As well, I have wonderful clothes, some good video and audio to enjoy, new kitchen implements, and plenty of sugar. I also got a joystick/Atari that has Pong, Adventure, and Asteroids (among others) in it, so I've been battling dragon-ducks and cursing bats. Boy, am I old....

I also have a new game for a more modern computer, but it will have to wait until I can get that fool bat to come back with my chalice.

Merry Christmas Day! Don't forget to get more presents for your loved ones for sixth night and Little Christmas/Three Kings Day! And for heaven's sake, don't take down your decorations until Epiphany, as it is bad luck! And, you don't even have to eat collards and black-eyed peas (unless you want to).

As for me..... I've got some Japanese food to look forward to, and a gift or two to finish wrapping. And, work resumes tomorrow. Bleah.


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