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So, my daughter is auditioning for drum corps (passed first callback, next rehearsal and auditions on 12-13Jan). I remember marching as though it was yesterday. I still play my horns regularly for fun. How did I get to kids that are starting this part of THEIR life? I'm not this old, yet!
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Ever wanted a soundtrack for your life? Just as with the iPod tarot, you place your audio player on shuffle, get your list of songs, and list them in order alongside the following soundtrack. Some fit, some don't, and what and why might be worth speculation.

I used my entire iPod, with the caveat that spoken words, podcasts, radio dramas, management audio tracks, etc, don't count. This is where I ended up:

Opening CreditsGod Thinks -- Voltaire
A rather interesting choice to start the film. The basic lyric says that judgemental blind faith and repeating evil rhetoric is stupid, and God would be much happier with a world of thinkers. I think I could be okay with this film. God thinks all people like you are hateful/God thinks all people like you are an embarassment to creation/Self-righteous, judgemental, first to throw a stone/using His name for your own protection. Do you know anyone like this? I do.
Waking UpGotta Get Up -- Harry Nilsson
Again, good music. Basically a "let's get going" kinda piece, with all sort of options on the horizon. I was worried it would be something like Kung Fu Fighting.... Lots of brushing teeth, picking out clothes for the day, then heading to the car and getting into traffic and going to some initial destination kinda scenes. Sort of a "same old thing" start, with a bit of melancholia about how the past used to be, before the obligations of adulthood.
Falling in LoveKnow Your Enemy -- Hybrid
Very etherial opening, leading to a solid beat at about 108-120 bpm, which has a rather... er... good driving rhythm.... yeah. So.... then, it moves into a slower cool-down section, and ends up back uptempo, with a nice fadeout. More like falling in lust, but that's the modern movie, right?
Fight sceneNight Boat to Cairo -- Madness
This one has me a bit confuzzled, honestly. I think my fight scene is near a port, and is half a chase-scene punctuated with fights for escape. Well, okay, but not quite what I'd hoped for. It does have some fake resolutions and continued escapes, though, so apparently I get away. That's not a bad deal. But, despite the lyrics, I see the paddleboat from The Mummy, with the fight/chase going from the docks to the deck to the interior mechanical rooms (almost getting caught), back to the deck, jumping to a different (docked) boat, across the deck, and disappearing into the sunrise as it breaks on the port.
Breaking upLet Me Speak -- Daughter Darling
Ouch. Just... ouch. Pertinent lyrics:I'm gonna leave because you won't/This love to you has been a joke/I'm out of touch, my heart is broke/I've found with you theres no hope. I'm not so sure the next song has any possibility, after lyrics like this one! It has the feel that the female lead left, instead of the male, and has a walking out the front of a set of lofts in NYC, dark and and shiny from a recent rain, cars on the street but nobody out driving, kinda feel.
Getting back togetherA Love Before Time (Mandarin) -- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / CoCo Lee
I love the Mandarin words. The English lyrics probably don't do it justice, but a good section includes: If the years take away/Every memory that I have/I would still know the way/That would lead me back to your side. So, the woman left in the rain, and the man waits a while, then chases her down because he realizes just how stupid he's been. Yah, that kinda works for me.
Secret LoveShe Has A Girlfriend Now -- Reel Big Fish
So. Er.... who's secret is this love? Does the male lead have an infatuation with someone that is completely unavailable, or has the female lead decided to hedge her bets on the next big fight? Or, is this a continuation of the stalkerish need to be with the female lead from the previous song? Hm... these two might be out of order....
Life's okayCest La Fin -- Mediaeval Baebes
Life's okay!??! It's the end, whatever people say, I loved. Yeah, that's okay. Sounds like someone that has come to grips with dying. Maybe I didn't get away from the bad guys at all. Damn. And I had to run around a boat! You'd think I'd get a better shake!
Mental breakdownRelease The Pressure -- Logistics
Very up-tempo. Apparently this is a flight-or-fight kinda panic, with muffled/megaphone style overlay sounding like someone calling out from a helicopter chasing overhead. A park, I think, with someone running from spotlight to spotlight, looking back over their shoulder at the chasing people, up at the overhead pursuit, and looking for a culvert or building to duck into. Resolves with a successful escape, I think.
Driving FlashbackHeart of Gold -- Buster Poindexter
I see driving at sunset, with the top down. Seems he didn't get the girl back, after all. You may think that my humanity/Has been the cause of all this insanity/This whole damn world's got so much uncertainty/I sure wish you'd see something in me. Sort of a "wish I wasn't seen the way others see me" kinda melancholy extended montage, with amber/sepia tones throughout. Maybe coming to grips with living a life the wrong way, and only now realizing what that meant to others, and to himself.
PartyingI'll Never Be -- Reel Big Fish
So, we've gotten okay with the idea that it is too late to be the great and wonderful person from past dreams. Apparently, we've passed that into complete acceptance of "I'll never be anything at all." Oddly enough, though, that doesn't stop the dream, and leads to the thought drives me crazy, can't get away, but I try and I try and I try and I try. So, perserverence against overwhelming odds.
Happy danceKrypton Fanfare -- Redcoat Band
The opening to Superman, played by my old marching band. This was the fanfare used to indicate the entrance to the 4th quarter, and the time where the football team notoriously began to excel over their opponent. So, I see it as a redeeming moment, where the perserverence is starting to pay off, as though suddenly the universe has realized that something is going on. A defining and pivotal moment in the movie. Have we reached the climax?
RegrettingThe Show Must Go On -- Queen
Not so much with the regret, but definately resolute in the course. I'll face it with a grin/I'm never giving in/On with the show/I'll top the bill, I'll overkill/I have to find the will to carry on. So, we've recovered the dreams of youth, the wishes for a more powerful future. The world has beaten us down, but we really can't be bothered with that. Fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die/I can fly - my friends. Hell, yeah. Regret? Screw you guys, I'm going on.
Final BattleThe Battle of Yavin -- London Symphony Orchestra/SW-IV
No lyrics, of course. Instead, we get the feel that the hero has finally decided to take the fight to the chasers, who have no idea what is coming their way. The scene opens with the hero arming up (I get a vision of firearms or swords, then flowers, so I can't place exactly how this is going). There is a rush as the fully-decked hero stands, again resolute about the future. Gets back into that car from the retrospective, and heads out to do battle. Carnations, ho!
Death SceneDead Skunk -- Loudon Wainwright III
Crossin' the highway late last night/He shoulda looked left and he shoulda looked right/He didn't see the station wagon car/The skunk got squashed and there you are! Apparently reality doesn't care for dreamers. That, or you still can't win in the end. At least the hero is going out and making the universe deal in no small way with his death. No fading away, here! That turn-around has ended up bringing change to the system, and has shaken up a few people. Cool. If smelly.
Closing credits 1I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today -- Avenue Q
Apparently it was imperative to empty the theatre RIGHT AT THE END. No waiting around to see if your friend did the effects, or where to get the soundtrack. GET OUT.
Closing Credits 2A Kind of Magic -- Queen
Still here? Okay, so I'm going to beat you with the moral, just in case you missed it somehow. One shaft of light that shows the way/No mortal man can win this day/.../This rage that lasts a thousand years/Will soon be, will soon be/Will soon be done. Got it? Okay. Pick up your popcorn box and get out. People have to sweep up for the next showing, k? OUT!
Closing Credits 3This Is How Life Should Be -- Groove Terminator
Hey, you waited, so now I'm going to sell you insurance.

But, it is a nice ending to use as the ASCAP/BMI/RIAA/MPAA union stickers fade away. It's a perfect world wherever you are/Don't be afraid here/On the other side of fear is freedom.

I think I'll save this playlist.....
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Yah, I downloaded it. It's on my iPod. I like this sort of stuff. I have a great rendition of Snoop Dogg by The Gourds, too. What of it?

"Baby Got Back". The folkie version.

That's what [livejournal.com profile] slipjig called it. I've never found that I wanted to slow-dance to this song, but apparently I can if the urge ever strikes. I really want to slip this into a playlist for a high-school dance and see how long it takes the administration to find my power plug....


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