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Trader Joe's carnita meat (barbeque pork, seasoned with lime juice), mixed with Williamson Bros. BBQ sauce, served with toast. Da elf made cheap-and-easy pulled pork tonight.

I have a headache from the weather shift, but this helped a lot.

Share and enjoy!
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On a lighter note -- I made Rice Krispy Treats today! First time!

And, they were filled with BACON!


Yes! One whole package of bacon, cooked crispy, broken into chunks, then mixed into the standard nummy recipe.

Just..... wow.
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Had a weird dream last night. It's the second version of one I had just before Christmas. It involved me cooking at a hibachi restaurant, and getting soused on sake...

This time, though, I woke up in the middle of it. I was quite drunk at the time. Since I was up, I went to the bathroom, and I staggered the way there and back. I felt VERY wasted. And, yet, it was all from the dream....

....... yeah.....

So, I made a meal, and this time I replicated it correctly.

Boil low-carb spaghetti broken into 4" sections in water with 5T soy sauce instead of salt to season.

In a nearby pan sautee shrimp in a pan seasoned with sesame oil, but with an additional tablespoon of butter for flavor, until nice and pink/orange. Add a little soy sauce for color, then add in lemon juice and sesame seeds and cook until the sauce is thick. Remove from pan and set aside for later.

To pan, add 1T butter again, then add two zucchini and 2 large carrots, cut into bite sized pieces. I prefer to seed the zucchini, myself. You can also add thick sliced mushroom caps. Cook until soft, then season with a small amount of soy sauce, and more sesame seed.

Toss noodles, shrimp, and veggies together. Season with ginger sauce (1/4c onion, 1/4c rice vinegar, 1/2c soy sauce, 1T sliced fresh ginger, pureed).

Yes, this is teppanyaki shrimp served as a pasta salad.... And, I made it for dinner tonight. Not a strand of pasta or shrimp remains. I think I saw two or three zucchini bits on one of the kids plates.


May. 24th, 2006 10:25 pm
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1 LJ Icon
1 boat motor

Following the directions of the LJ Icon, make oven-dried tomato.
(half tomatos [roma, other small tomato], and seed. Put on baking tray, salt and season [oregano, parsley, fresh black pepper], cook for 3 hours at 250 deg).
Cut into sections (remove skin if you like), put in bowl, and apply boat motor [stick blender] until smooth.

Spaghetti Sauce, with INTENSE flavor.

I think I'm going to grind up some parm reggiano and add that just before service. Hm....
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Waking up with a migraine == no fun.

Need to go exercise, then figure out what the day holds. Aspirin, multivitamins, and tea, for starters.

So.... share a recipe with me!

For you --- soda bread:
1c flour, 1c buttermilk, 1tsp baking soda, 1/2tsp salt.
Mix, and knead lighly. Form into a "round", then with a dough knife cut into quarters or eights. Cook in a pan like panbread (very hot/350deg pan, each piece cooked until golden). For extra flavor, finish by frying in bacon drippings. Serve with unsalted butter or Devonshire cream.

Your turn!
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Categories: Sauces
Yield: 8 servings

1 Onion; small; sliced (1/4 cup)
1/2 c Soy sauce
1/4 c Rice wine vinegar
1 1-inch piece gingerroot

Place all ingredients in blender and mix at high speed
until ginger root and onion are finely chopped, about
2 minutes.

Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing #2

Recipe By : Jody Prival
Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Dressings Soups

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1/2 cup soybean oil
1/2 cup celery -- chopped
1/4 cup onion -- chopped
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt

Combine all ingredients in blender of food processor. Process until almost


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