Feb. 8th, 2009 08:45 pm
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103+ fevers here at The Plague Plaza. An interesting time for all. Eldest is puffy-faced today. The others are getting better. Elf and I are watching our temp as a matter of caution.

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Midtown Wine Crawl. Initial estimates of attendance were 80. Actualities by the end of registration revealed 300+ with an interest in vintages and appetizers. It was amazing, and a good break between one set of fevers and the next. We'll have to put it on our calendar for next year -- several locations had $10 wine flights, with nice snacks. We're looking forward to going back to Ecco for dinner one day soon.

Now, if we can just get everyone healthy for the morning, nobody has to miss anymore school (74 kids were out at the elementary school on Friday). Alas, the eldest seems to have passed it along to her boy, which means it will get into the athletic circles, and on to the rest of the school, by the end of the week. Whee!

All this, of course, is beyond me. I can put a thermometer in an ear, and dose out the occasional pain reliever, but I'm so far out of my element I'm getting nervous. Da elfwife is much better at this than I am. Which is why I hope she never gets sick again for the rest of her life.

Now, back to watching Hello Dolly on the Tivo.
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Apparently terrorists have put something in our water supply. People on both coasts and even in the middle are all getting sore throats and cold-like symptoms this weekend. My own throat was hurting a little this morning, and the munchkin was complaining last night.

'Sup wit dat?
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tooth is gone.

Am home. Can't have beer with darvocet, so just taking advil until the other stuff is here. Had to go on strong antibiotics -- mood of late seems to have been an infection. My jaw wants me dead. Can't feel left side of face. Fear he tagged the nerve on the pull.

Da elf made me ravioli but made fun of me for how I ate it. Can't use a straw so my tea is cold. Was crying because my mouth tastes of tomato and blood, so elf squeezed a bear at me until the honey killed the acid. Orange blossom, I think. She is too good to me, and needs to be cannoned. Patron saintess of bees and cold tea, maybe.

My brain is upset, but maybe that's the lack of beer. I have a long weekend to recover, which is good, and the kids are home for the summer, which is good because I can give them chores like till the garden and wash laundry.

I want to start games nights soon. Who wants to come over and play board games on Wednesday nights? I might even share my honey.

Woo hoo!

Apr. 25th, 2007 01:48 pm
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Throat Swab: Positive!
Amoxy: 10 days!


Jul. 10th, 2006 06:25 pm
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What's the point in not being straightforward? Even when enigmatic I keep to a reasonably clear presentation so I don't add too much convolution to the world. If I won't answer, I'll tell you. If I will, I'll be as clear and reasoned as I can be. If I seem confusing, it is worth mentioning that so I can work harder to fix it, or recognize that I just may be confused myself.

So, what's the point in obfuscation? Does it create some positive feeling to answer a questioner without answering a question?

Oolong tea is insufficient to pierce this mystery, and my left knee and right shoulder hurt.


Jul. 10th, 2006 02:08 pm
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Much to the delight of my coworkers (well, one in particular), my poison receptors are acting up. She keeps making fun of me holding a water-bottle to my neck, but it's cold, and that's a good thing.

I was going to go get ice-cream, but they close down the machine a little before the end of lunch. I might try later in the coffee shop, but I don't know if they keep that one working or not. So, I ended up with a corndog. Not cold, but not too scratchy either.

If there are any blueberries left at home, I think I shall have a shake when I get there.


Jun. 25th, 2006 11:04 pm
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Very awake.....brain won't shut down. Trying to avoid having nightmares about "Carpe Boobah" inflicted by [ profile] thegreyman.

The weekend:

Friday, left work and went to set up the UK booth for a long sales weekend. We were short on inventory because of a shipping error back at headquarters, but our illustrious leader (the aforementioned grey dude) went above and beyond to retrieve the materials and get them onsite. Alas, one of the things we DIDN'T get was our festival packet, so no permits for load-in, load-out, or parking. So, we just bluffed our way through by wearing our kilts and acting dumb. I was amazing at this.

Saturday, da elf wanted to come down and aid in the kilting of the panted, so we went down, got the inventory out and hung up, and I measured while she kept the kilts organized and the patrons managed. I was amazed at how quickly she recovered her retail skills. Must be a bicycle thing. We left a little early, after our shift was over, as we wanted to enjoy a little of the show but also wanted dinner. This was a bad idea.

We had SOMETHING bad, and halfway through the night we both were up wishing to die. [ profile] elfgirl came downstairs to rest in a chair so she wasn't flat on her back, and I moved to be closer to a bathroom. It was no fun. But, it was also short lived, as we had some of the really good yogurt in the fridge, and so we pulled ourselves together for the last day of work.

Sunday morning, a little late since we had to get what rest we could, we wandered down in the cool air to meet up with the intrepid band and spent most of the day huddled close under the tent, trying not to get soaked. We failed. The kilts were protected by our bodies, though, and were just a bit damp but not wet. A good thing. While waiting, inside a metal tent cage while holding metal kilt racks, we hoped the lightning would find a nearby tree instead of us (and I think it did, at leats once). We also took time to measure lots of people so they could go online and get exactly what they want, and I met some people from my office that were very curious (and were happy to see me, since they know I wear my kilts every day). When the show closed early, we packed up, stood in the rain waiting on load-out, and da elf and I eventually got home to dry out. I did sprinkle some fertilizer on the tomatoes, though.

Now, da elf is up trying to sleep, I wish I could, and I think my hair may STILL be wet. Icky water! Bleaugh! It was worth it, though, to spend time with good people, preach the word of kilts and tolerance, put the fear and love of God into someone in the wrong pants for his religion, and spend a lot of quality hours with my lovely lady. I gain more appreciation for just how cool she is day after day.

I'm still not tired. Damn. Typing should be harder than this.
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Most recently seen first with [ profile] yin_again

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