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Da elf and I are sneaking away to a honeymoon week in Maui. Ten years of constant nagging will do that to you, and I finally wore her down! So, away we go.

If you'd like a card, you should comment on this post [screened] so I have your address! Even if you think I already do! It's nice that I can go to a single place and do all the addressing at one time, ya know?

So, comment away! I'll try to post pictures as I figure out how.
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I have discovered where all the gnats of the world go to wait out the winter.
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So... 2000 more words, then filtering down to about 1000 words plus graphics, then up again. I'll count them later after I finish this next section. But I wrote all of it sitting in the shade of a stand of trees while waiting for the Georgia-Georgia Tech game to start. The weather was delightful, and I got a free sandwich! Yeah, my vacations tend to be 8 hours at a time....

The game was.... well, I'm not sure how Georgia managed to win that one, but there were some really weird plays that actually held up to scrutiny from the replay review system. It was.... odd..... A win is a win, though, so I'm okay with it. Six years in a row!

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] uga_bug_girl, please note that hwy 129 is *NOT* a faster way home. It was fully populated, and we ran into traffic up and down I-85, not only the Mall of Georgia, but just about every exit. I'm sure we mangled some people's evenings, as they tried to get to something off the expressway only to be met by 80,000 of my closest friends.... But, I had a cell phone and holiday music, so it wasn't too bad.

Now, back to writing, with Grammar Rock going on in the background as the kids learn.
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My cow-orker, on call, got into a wreck, so I got to take over in the middle of a good writing flow. I've spent the entire day working on one annoying and high-profile problem. Total words written today, <100.

Work will be happy, but I had hoped to have five to ten pages done this weekend. I'm at three. Not an auspicious start to this section.

On better news, I'm forward thinking to next year, and the opportunity to escape the universe for a vacation or two. Two, I hope -- one with the kids and one without. I'll just have to work on convincing da parents that they can stand the kidlets for a week, en masse. This is harder lately, as the middle child has discovered she has inherited willfullness and stubbornness from her father....


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