Jun. 25th, 2006 11:04 pm
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Very awake.....brain won't shut down. Trying to avoid having nightmares about "Carpe Boobah" inflicted by [ profile] thegreyman.

The weekend:

Friday, left work and went to set up the UK booth for a long sales weekend. We were short on inventory because of a shipping error back at headquarters, but our illustrious leader (the aforementioned grey dude) went above and beyond to retrieve the materials and get them onsite. Alas, one of the things we DIDN'T get was our festival packet, so no permits for load-in, load-out, or parking. So, we just bluffed our way through by wearing our kilts and acting dumb. I was amazing at this.

Saturday, da elf wanted to come down and aid in the kilting of the panted, so we went down, got the inventory out and hung up, and I measured while she kept the kilts organized and the patrons managed. I was amazed at how quickly she recovered her retail skills. Must be a bicycle thing. We left a little early, after our shift was over, as we wanted to enjoy a little of the show but also wanted dinner. This was a bad idea.

We had SOMETHING bad, and halfway through the night we both were up wishing to die. [ profile] elfgirl came downstairs to rest in a chair so she wasn't flat on her back, and I moved to be closer to a bathroom. It was no fun. But, it was also short lived, as we had some of the really good yogurt in the fridge, and so we pulled ourselves together for the last day of work.

Sunday morning, a little late since we had to get what rest we could, we wandered down in the cool air to meet up with the intrepid band and spent most of the day huddled close under the tent, trying not to get soaked. We failed. The kilts were protected by our bodies, though, and were just a bit damp but not wet. A good thing. While waiting, inside a metal tent cage while holding metal kilt racks, we hoped the lightning would find a nearby tree instead of us (and I think it did, at leats once). We also took time to measure lots of people so they could go online and get exactly what they want, and I met some people from my office that were very curious (and were happy to see me, since they know I wear my kilts every day). When the show closed early, we packed up, stood in the rain waiting on load-out, and da elf and I eventually got home to dry out. I did sprinkle some fertilizer on the tomatoes, though.

Now, da elf is up trying to sleep, I wish I could, and I think my hair may STILL be wet. Icky water! Bleaugh! It was worth it, though, to spend time with good people, preach the word of kilts and tolerance, put the fear and love of God into someone in the wrong pants for his religion, and spend a lot of quality hours with my lovely lady. I gain more appreciation for just how cool she is day after day.

I'm still not tired. Damn. Typing should be harder than this.
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Well, the Buzzards came away with the higher point total, proving that two teams can play a horrible game and one still is declared the winner in the end. I must admit, though, that [ profile] uga_bug_girl had it right -- the guys in the black and white shirts really won -- the other two teams lost.

I have NEVER seen a play run to completion, then get reset because someone apparently called a time-out before it started. Twice. You'd think they would blow the play dead rather than let it run (and, in both cases, run to very powerful plays for the non-timeout team). Then later when someone TRIED to call a time out with two seconds on the play clock, they were flagged for delay of game. Sheesh.

Da buzzards also need to work HARD on their secondary coverage. They had FOUR potential interceptions lost because the safetys caught, then threw away, the ball. Daft. The Tide will eat them alive if that's their best game.

The pregame was good, as a paratrooper team jumped from 5000 feet in the dark of night and free-fell until the last possible minute, then opened BLACK/GREY chutes and came in to land on the center of the field (bringing in order the US Flag, UGA Flag, AU Flag, and the POW/MIA flag). Very nice. I also enjoyed halftime as both the UGA and AU bands took the field together to play patriotic music for Veteran's Day recognitions. Very good sound.

Family was good, food was good, game was weird, music was good, family was good, and my home and bed are great. I've switched back out of the "visiting mom pants" that were chafing me into proper clothes, and feel much better.

So, what'd you do?
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Went to see da mountain family last night, trusting my hardware vendor to get his stuff together for work today without me staring at him. And, so we went to the Apple Festival today, saw some cool art, got some antiques, and had a nice day before I had to drive back down to finish up the installation of new equipment by running all the software updates.

But, it went so badly (maybe I *SHOULD* have been staring at him yesterday) that I was doing those updates at my parents house using their DSL and my VPN. Ugh. Never even set foot in my office. Less than half the hardware got installed, and has jeopardized future installations this year. My vendor is going to be taking me to a few expensive lunches, dammit!

I did take a few moments to go outside last night and look up into infinity. Even a telephoto lens on a digital camera doesn't help -- the void is vast, and amazing. Light pollution around here is horrible (and, with it being the verge of a new moon, there is a lot more darkness to see these nights). I will probably make an excuse to go back in a couple of weeks to see the moon (it's a pic that was requested, so.....) but it's not anywhere near as powerful.

Now, I'm watching the Southern / Alabama State game. There is so much rain coming down you can barely see the players.

Maybe I should write some more bad poetry.....
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The weekend has ended. I am now no longer on call. This is a good thing.

For Father's Day I got a kitchen.

This means I had to clean it so I could use it, then clean it when done, but in the middle I got do have my run of the place, which means I got to play and see what I could accomplish. As this is a great joy to me, having the kitchen for a few hours was a good gift.

So, for dinner, we ended up with cinnamon and nutmeg sweet-potato gnocchi in a mulled honey-butter mead reduction served with a wilted spinach and arugula salad tossed in a garlic and vinegar dressing and garnished with turkey bacon bits. I forgot to put the cheese on the salad, so we have more for later. You've gotta have cheese for later. It's required.

Kids ate well, and da elf ate queso for a late lunch and thus got glared at a lot for not eating more dinner. She knows to have a half-stomach when I cook, though, as there are times when the finished product is "Hello, Papa Johns?" so it is never a good idea to plan on this being your entire dinner.

Dessert, such as it was, came from a mixture of Neuchatel cheese with a pepper and onion sweet relish, served on butter crackers. I think it has less than 1000 calories per serving, but only because I put it in the refridgerator. Good stuff. The kids were already having their bath when this got finished, so it is ALL MINE! MINE! NOT YOURS! Though, I did leave it with da elf, so we'll see how much is left later. She's pretty good at not using up all the stuff left over, though, so I have hope.

Tonight is pasta night, and I have a batch of fondue cheese left over, so we may be enjoying cheesy-pasta (shells, or radiatore, or something similar). That's up to da elf, though, as I had to give the kitchen back. She's been playing with Rachel Ray's 30 minute meal preps lately, so we've had some cool new dishes to add to our favorites. I'm not going to interfere with culinary experimentation by others, especially when it leads to good food!

Homework today, headache today, and attempts to understand S2 without interfering with school. What an agenda! And, I'm already 1/3 of the way through my list! ::takes advil::


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