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This marks the beginning of our shift back to 'school hours' here. Da elf and I have to start the kids back to a reasonable schedule before the first day of class, and it doesn't hurt to get us back on good hours before college starts back up, too.

RPG today was good, and I got to kill a character again! Nothing like giant scorpions when you want to take out the weakest in the group. And, it was their cleric, too! Maybe next time the Ranger won't go back to sleep when she's asked to get up and help....

Strangely, they got a good treasure. I've got work up a story about WHY. Not sure, as of yet, what I'm going to do, but I have some seed ideas to let flesh out.

Work this week will be weird. Lots of time to spend in online classes to prep for something in a couple of weeks. Whee! I'm sure I'll get done in time, but bleah on having to do online stuff. I much prefer the away-from-work classroom setting.

I like the latest munchkin expansions. Gotta get the cards out for our next Games night. Which, by the way, is Friday! Normal hours! Do let us know if you plan to be here!


Jul. 20th, 2008 09:28 pm
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It's been a tiring weekend, mentally, but good. Sushi night upcoming on Friday. Lots of online training to complete before Thursday. Weird bug guy comes on Wednesday. Want a BlendTec blender. Need to build up endurance for outdoor riding on bike. Need to take rack off of car. Need to rearrange garage. Have movies to see, wine to drink, fish to eat, and a costume to consider.

It's gonna be a busy few days.

I need to figure out how to clean a CamelBak, too.

How's by you?


Jun. 23rd, 2008 08:35 am
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Monday morning, and I'm not happy about it. Why? For the past few weeks I've had serious weekly interruptions (like vacations, etc) and I've not really had to worry about the start of a work week without a good weekend in front of it. This one, however, was the first on a 'normal' schedule. And, it reminds me of how much I'd like to retire. Alas, my savings to get me through old age is on the minimal side so far.... Certainly doesn't help that I went through quite a nightmare rotation, either. No sleep, and no interest in working. Yay.

Games night this week is going to be weird -- I'll be off with the kidlets, all going well, to visit the Grands and to see fireworks. That leaves da elf (and maybe da munchkin) behind. They might want to have people over, or they may want to go out and shoot things (airsoft) for some mom-daughter bonding time. With the munchkin's recent breakup, shooting at other people might help her blow off steam. So, I am not cancelling it just yet, but you might find yourself redirected from the house elsewhere.

I'm also on my own this week as da elf goes away on business travel again. This is, I think, revenge for my travel schedule in our first two years of marriage. Back then, though, we only had one kid! I'm not good being a single parent, and think highly of anyone that can deal with this on an ongoing basis.

Time to make up the menu for the week, so I can panic a little less....
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Got my company info for my merit raise and bonus. Da elf and I have a deal that anything I make over the standard bonus (due to doing 'above average' work) is mine to keep. She's reconsidering, as I managed to get one of the better performance reviews of my life. In fact, if I get another one like this, I'll be surprised. Either way, it was really nice to get affirmations that I'm not a total waste of payroll, ya know?

For those that didn't know -- I tore a muscle in my arm and stripped part of the ulner nerve by picking up a computer bag. That must have been the last straw, as it isn't something that would normally bother me. Da elf thinks I caused a repetitive stress injury by playing on the PS/2 (Star Wars II) too much. I think she's just wanting more Guitar Hero III time for herself. Either way, I get to wear a nice brace for 16 weeks, and it's really changed some of the things I do every day (or less often, depending!).

I bought a raffle ticket to win a Smart Car (cabriolet convertable). Color scheme sucks, but I really do like the car. Not sure how it will handle on the express way, but I want to find out! Alas, the only other way to get one is to order it.

Weather today is kinda nice. What to do in it?
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Yeah, I've started my game up again. One of my wonderful bits of anal-retentiveness is the administration of every single kingdom (human and otherwise) in the world, and the speed at which information flows. That way I can relate world events to the players by bards or bar discussions, in a manner relevant to play in a timely fashion.

Of course, that takes time, and I don't even like OFFICE politics.... court intrigue is tiring.

I owe someone email, and I think I'm likely to get caught up tomorrow, now that I've got my brain back in the right frame to deal with such things. Alas, it's also tired (as is my arm from using da elf's Wacom tablet to draw detailed maps of critical regions).

I'm doing well, otherwise. We're all fine here, now.

How are you?


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