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As it currently stands, as of 31 Dec I will no longer be employed with my current company. If all goes well I'll have something else lined up, and maybe at the same facility as a contractor, or maybe in a different group, division, etc, but I now have an interesting holiday to spend working on new opportunities.

So, what's up with you?
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Still at the office, still working.

Long day.

All because one name in a configuration was changed.

Lose one name, lose one connection.

Lose one connection, lose one database.

Lose one database, lose references.

Lose references, lose half a petabyte of data.

Fix one name, and you might find all those steps to where your data is.

But..... not yet.
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Somebody Set Us Up The Project.

We Get Weekend Work.

Main Screen Turn On.

::eats KK donuts::
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This is "follow the sun" support....

Vendor has local engineering onsite. I've been on the phone with California, Manilla, Australia, and now Drogeda (Ireland).

At least the accents are interesting!

So.... everyone gets to work during their daytime hours except for me and the poor schlep in the company computer room right now. Such is life....

4:15--ETA: hee! That post was at Pi in the morning!
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Stupid computers and systems at work! A pox on thee!

(is up on conference calls trying to fix something that nobody realized could break....)
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Things I have learned today:

1) Penicillin, when given in sufficient dosage to help destroy a jaw infection, is far more than the blood stream can accomodate.
2) Kidneys are excellent filters, and remove chemicals from the blood when necessary.
3) Penicillin has a somewhat distinctive odor.
4) Women don't talk to each other when standing at a urinal.

#4 comes courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] elfgirl, who was rather surprised that men have no problem talking about any old thing that wafts up and assaults their noses while in the bathroom, especially if it is unexpected. She related this to me after I told her about my day.
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I was down at NASCAR day at my work, when they did trivia.

Of course I am a wealth of knowledge on driving left, so I listened. They had questions about the year Charlotte's track was built, how many wins certain drivers had, etc. It was trivia from hell.

Then they asked about a specific driver that retired last year, but is racing this year. My daughter's favorite driver.

So, I answered.

Now, I have signed schwag to give her. Alas, not signed by her driver, but you can't have everything....


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